Overview | Specifications

These “gold-plated” circuit boards were especially designed for Audible Illusions by John Curl using his proprietary technology.

When installed in the Modulus 3b Preamplifier they optimize the preamps standard phono stage for specific use with low-output moving coil cartridges. Overall phono-stage gain is increased to approximately 60dB of gain, enough to amplify M/C cartridges with outputs ranging from .1mV to .8mV.

Much improvement in M/C cartridge design has taken place during the past few years. High-quality moving coils are now wound under intense magnification using ultra-fine wire. This manufacturing process allows for coil mass to be less than half of what it was several years ago. There also has been considerable improvement in magnet design. The net result is improved voltage output from less mass which allows the styli to trace a records grooves much more accurately.

When coupled to the outstanding tube phono stage of the Modulus 3b, one can now hear the resolution of low-level-detail present in many analogue recordings. For the audiophile with a sophisticated audio system this technology brings a new dimension to the listening experience.