Overview | Specifications

As with every Audible Illusions component the new S150 Amplifier represents the sum of our efforts over years of research and development. The main criteria of all our designs, tube or solid-state, is that they be Truthful To The Music. In association with our old friend, designer John Curl, we have made considerable improvement in our new amplifier. We are certain the S150 can provide the “clearest window” into the musical performance.

In implementing John Curl’s complementary differential design only the highest-quality discrete components were employed. This completely dual-mono amplifier with each channel consisting of a fully-regulated FET input stage driving a high-current output stage can easily drive the most difficult loads.

With all the power and control associated with a high-end, solid state design this amplifier is also capable of revealing the delicacy and subtle nuances in music previously attainable by only the finest tube designs. With the new S150, Audible Illusions has once again raised the standard for superb sonics, quality of construction and reliability.

Control Functions: Power On/Off

Inputs: Single Ended RCA and Balanced XLR

Outputs: 4 OFC Binding Posts, (2 Positive, 2 Negative)

Features: Per Channel

  • Circuit Design is Dual Mono, Class A/AB operation
  • Direct Coupled Circuitry with no capacitors in circuit path
  • Separate regulated Driver and Output Stages
  • Separate Driver and 1.2kVA Output Toroid transformers.
  • 128,000uf Sagamo main power capacitors
  • 10 matched pairs Sanken, 17amp, 180v bipolar output transistors
  • High Density Heat Sinks with over 2000 sq.in. radiating area
  • Regulated, Soft-Start Turn-On Circuit
  • Proprietary Gold Plated RCA Jacks with Teflon insulators.
  • Neutrik XLR connector
  • Dual Heavy Duty Gold Plated Speaker Binding Posts